instagram: suyi.xu

2022    MFA Fine Arts, The School of Visual Arts
2019    BA Art History/Visual Art, Barnard College

solo exhibition
2022    All that is Solid Melts into Air, Fou Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

group exhibition
2023    Loophole, Louise McCagg Gallery, New York, NY.
2023    Speedo International Unlimited, Parent Company Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2023    Paintings of Common Objects, Fortnight Institute, New York, NY
2023    Detour, Gallery Func, Shanghai, China 
2022    The Power to Dream, Galerie Hussenot, Paris, France.
            Curated by James Bolton
2022    Outro SVA MFA Thesis Exhibition, SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY.                     Curated by Herb Tam
2022    Contours and Crevices, VillageOne Art, New York, NY
2021    Collision, New Collectors Gallery, New York, NY
2021    Boomer Week, Boomer Gallery, London, UK
2021    Keep On Keepin’ On, Annual Postcard Show, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2019    Obvious Rectangle, Louise McCagg Gallery, New York, NY.
            Curated by Emma Quaytman

museum collections
Powerlong Museum (Shanghai, China)
Long Museum (Shanghai, China)
Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art (Rizhao, China)

2023    Planet China Vol. 1, Shadow, Light, And Introspection: A Conversation With               Suyi Xu On Her Artistic Proces. March 23, 2023 by Dominique Musorrafiti
2023    Divide Magazine, Issue 5
2023    China Underground, Suyi Xu: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air exhibition                     review by Dominique Musorrafiti, January 1, 2023
2022    Li Tang Magazine, A Sacred Intent to the Spiritual Meditation, New York                     based Painter Suyi Xu, December 19, 2022
2022    Tussle Magazine,“Xu Suyi, All that is Solid Melts into Air,” exhibition review             by Echo He. November 2, 2022 
2022    Asia Art Archive in America, “Suyi Xu: All that is Solid Melts into Air.”                       September 2022
2022    CAFA Art Info, “Fou Gallery announces New York-based artist Suyi Xu’s first             solo exhibition opening on September 24.” September 14 2022
2021    Not Selected At This Time Issue One: Pause, May 2021
           (feature and cover art)
2021    Orenda Arts Journal, Vol.2 No.2, Diaspora, Spring 2021 (feature)
2019    Obvious Rectangle, Exhibitio Catalogue, May 2019.
            Text by Emma Quaytman 

2019    Landline Live Painting and Music Performance, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn, NY

2024   GlogauAIR, Berlin