Brooklyn Conservatory of Music press release:

NOV 3, 2019

Landline (Chet Doxas, Jacob Sacks, Vinnie Sperrazza and Zack Lober) will be releasing their eponymously named debut album on Loyal Label Records. The concert will feature visual artists Alley Horn, Maya Stackhouse, Iris Wechsler, Suyi Xu and modular synth artist, Micah Frank.

These talented artists will be called upon to replicate the band’s unique way of composing in the style of the children’s game “telephone” by painting on four surfaces simultaneously while the band performs. Each painter will be given forty-five minutes, the length of each set of music, to work on a canvas. At the end of each set, the artists will move on to the next surface to pick up where the last person left off. By the end of the four-set event, all four artists will have worked on each others tableaus — much like the band members have worked on each other’s pieces. Modular synthesis artist Micah Frank will be performing ambient sketches between each set.